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  • WJMCrossRoads ·
    Hey, I hope you don't find me PMing you, but I have a question. Due in part to your post and youtube vid about the Witchdoctor mufflers, I bought some too. I ordered the baffled ones, but he accidentally sent me the no-baffled ones. Thanks for the post and video, BTW. :)

    So I put them on and I'm very happy with the sound, but I get terrible "gurgling" sound when I decelerate in gear. maybe it's what others are calling popping, but it's not a sharp, loud pop like a backfire. It's so bad that I usually get some of it when i let off the gas to shift too.

    Your post said you were getting none. Do you have any kind of controller or have you made any other mods that might acct for why you get none and I get tons? Or I wonder if it could be the difference in the baffled and no baffle mufflers...

    I would appreciate any thoughts you might have. Thanks again! :)
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