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  • JR_DOG ·
    Hi Kevin,

    I just purchased a 2005 vic vegas 8 ball and was wondering how far out you book to do work like cams or anything else you may suggest.. Also, what's the waiting list for dyno tuning? I live in Port Saint Lucie Florida.


    Marty5 ·
    Hi Kevin,
    I've been referred to you about how to test my speed sensor and/or speedometer. I bought one off Ebay and still nothing. Just trying to figure out if I bought a bad sensor or speedometer is bad. The part number I bought is 4011111 for my 2003 Vegas.
    Thanks In Advance
    Idagon ·
    Hi Kevin, have you been able to tune out the occasional popping when shifting or under decel? I have tried the idle solenoid mod, and tried different setups with pcv but still get occasional pops.

    I have a 2014 CC Tour, Lloydz HOH-VM1-DR Cams, Lloydz air cleaner, Lloydz Timing Wheel at 5 deg, Arlen Ness Big Honker Exhaust, PCV with Auto Tune
    flatsboy ·
    Hi Kevin, I picked up an '02 TC and wanted a few more dbs from the pipes. I read your post "You can run a rod up the center of the pipe, and knock out the diverter plate. then drill six .5" holes in the exit plate of the muffler. This will give you good sound and performance with the stock muffler". Questions (1) after you knock the diverter out does it rattle around or does it just bend out of the way? (2) I'm assuming to remove the airbox the engine has to drop or cut it out? (3) I have a Lloydz controller that will fit, after the mods do you think I'll just have to richen pot #1?

    Thanks for any info, it's appreciated. Larry
    karmobRob ·
    Hi Kevin, You have assisted me in the past and have been a great help and thank you for that. I am travelling to the US in late july for a 45 day trip with a group and we are all buying bikes. I am interested in a 2012 Highball repo vin 5vpwb36nxc3006837 with only 700mi. Can you search that and see if it has had its first service? Thanks a lot. Robert
    USMC341 ·
    Hey Kevin just a quick question.

    I'm about to get the D&D slip ons for my Vegas and I've been trying to do some research before I buy. Some have reported popping with these pipes and I was wondering where this comes from. I always heard popping occurs from unburnt fuel I.e. running rich. I get some popping when the bike is cold now. Recently I've heard that popping comes from running lean. In your opinion which is it? I don't want to buy these pipes and regret it from excessive popping. FYI I don't want to do any fuel controller or anything like that. Thanks for any assistance.
    kychevyguy ·
    Hey Kevin, I have a '06 Hammer with 48K miles. I've only owned it a couple of weeks now and this is my first Victory. I noticed tonight that when I went into 4th gear there is a slight noise. No other gear has it, and the sound is most prominant 1500-2500 rpms. Any suggestions?
    willorlando ·
    Hi Kevin, was looking on the forums for information on install cams in my 2008 Hammer. I live by Orlando. Are you still in Florida and if so do you install them still or know a good shop. I would try installing them myself as I am pretty good on working on things, but I would need install instructions if you know were I can get them with pictures.
    kevinv92c ·
    Hello Kevin, new to the forum and had a question about my 99 v92c. I was trying to find prices and or an after market fuel pump. I believe it went south. I know there was a recall on it but not sure if they would still honor it after all these years. I am really just trying to shop around on prices for a new one. Any ideas? I went on the vic website and got the part # but no price.
    deacon ·

    I have searched for it on here but am yet to find the answer. I am contemplating leaving the Army in September of next year. The Infantry life gets hard. I have also thought about trying to become a Vic or at least V-Twin tech. (Not to work for the dealer I'm currently having issues with of course) Anyhow, is PSI the only institution that certifies a Vic tech or what other options would I have. Just looking out for possible future endeavors. Thanks for your time.
    Riprap ·
    Hello Kevin, I have 2011 xc also ive moded and was looking for an underdrive pulley for it. Would you happen to know where i could find one or will other models interchange with ours?
    03Vegas ·
    Hello Sir. I have a 2003 Vegas and I need new front fork seals but have been un able to locate a place to order them. Could you point me in the direction of a good supplier?
    Hammer07 ·
    Thanks Kevin for replying. It is a Wiseco controller and it has four connectors. Two of them are the same as the connection in the middle of the wire between the injectors and will fit between there. The other 2 connections are the same as the connection on the injector itself. The green and red led's blink indication improper injector signal. I will send pic tomorrow after lunch as I have to work 4 hours coverage tomorrow...Thanks
    Hammer07 ·
    hello, I am new to this; but I have a question about fuel controller. I have put a S&S air filter and have a fuel controller which doesn't have any pics about where to plug in. I don't want to fry anything so my question is: do I hook it to one of the connectors on the throttle body. It has one connector identical to the one on the body. Thanks for any help....BL
    crickifur ·
    Kevin, I am looking at a 2000 v92c. I keep seeing something about a transmission recall? I have been searching your name via directions from another member, but all I saw was references to the recall. How do I tell if its been done or needs it and what exactly is the cause/smptoms of the problem? Thank you for the help

    CCvictory ·
    Hi Kevin, my brother is looking to buy a 2005 V92TC...said the inside of the gas tank was red and he was worried it had been repaired? Is this normal?


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