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  • fishslapr ·
    hey buddy, found that card with the dudes # that does CNC stuff- I met him at the AZ bike week deal in Scottsdale-he is in Gilbert. His name is Todd, # is 480-813-1833
    fishslapr ·
    hey mang, I would be happy to give your pics a look-see & tell ya what I think... & thank you very much for the compliments...I actually barely touched on all the crap I delt with- mostly self-inflicted crap, but crap none the less. Addiction is a bitch... 4 1/2 yrs clean now, & loving life again. my e mail is [email protected], send me any pics you want- any tips I can give ya I will be happy to do, I am a teacher at heart, & love to share my knowledge- I feel that sharing knowledge is one form of immortality... (kinda deep, but true...)

    Anyway, Thanks again,

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