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  • RICZ ·
    I lost the note I had your info on, so I need you to email to me your email address, phone number, and snail mail address. I have almost zip in my PayPal and want to contribute some $ so I need to mail a check to you, if that's OK.
    Ric Z
    [email protected]
    Kurbs ·
    Yeah, details are sketchy because he deleted the posts. Basically the pos was talking about screwin my old lady, etc...nasty ****. So I let him have it. Another guy in there was also jumping on the asshole, he was cussing and getting into ban.

    So three involved, 1 banned for life with no notice. When people questioned it...he banned them too.

    Tell Jed thanks, he's welcome to pop on here with everyone else. Lol.
    LILMAGS500 ·
    No , I wish I could but cant get the time off , I would need 2 weeks to make it worth it .... I can only pull a week at a time right now .
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