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  • MaddogUSMC ·
    Hey Ric! Hope all is well with you! Thanks! I will give you the info! I already sent it off to you from my e-mail address that I posted in Serious Motorcycle Accident. [email protected] Thanks again buddy!
    rustychevelle ·
    Ricz, are you still running the fuel pump that you had repaired the broken fuel nipple? I busted mine Friday and fixed it based off of your thread. So far so good. Just wondering what the long term results are.
    tkirby16 ·
    Do you have any flag mount for your lay down plate brackets? Or do you know what brand is the best to get to work with your perfectly manufactured brackets? Thanks sir.
    Sparky2477 ·
    RICZ, I hope that this is the manner that I was to contact you. I am VERY interested in the pipe repacking that you were talking about. If you could let me know how to contact him, I would appreciate it.
    MWToine ·
    I don't need any smart-ass answers. If you can't lend a hand the just STFU! I stated in my 1st post that the head of the bolt is off.

    I'm interested in options to remedy the problem... Not "I'm better than you" from some smart ass!
    RICZ ·
    Thanks for the heads up Greg. Mine has yet to arrive. If it's a no fit, I'll do the sanding thing. Saw your post about this too. You're a good seller to keep customers informed. I like that.
    fishslapr ·
    Have you put your sleeve on yet? One of the guys that bought a black one had problems getting the sleeve to slide all the way down. Before I shipped any sleeves I tried them on my bike, & they all fit. Some took a bit of pressure, but they all went on. I am thinking I will sand off the powdercoat from the inside of the sleeve from now on, to nip this problem in the bud.

    If you have not yet put it on, it might be a good idea to sand the paint from the inside of the sleeve. If you are not comfortable doing that, I will pay for shipping to send your sleeve back, I will send you a sanded one.

    Please let me know if you have put it on yet.

    Sorry for any inconvience,
    (714) 386-2000
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