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  • LILMAGS500 ·
    That's good Mike , I had you pegged for a RUM guy ! Glad to hear you are coming along , I will be in touch . I got another 1/2 hour , then I will be hitting the RUM myself . :)
    LILMAGS500 ·
    Same here Saddle , I hope your recovery is coming along . Stay thirsty my friend , those rum and cokes go great with Percocet ! I hope to see you on another Victory !
    Joe_ ·
    Saw that you hit a deer.
    Hope you killed the bastard!

    They sure do screw up you life when they decide to commit suicide on your vehicle. Glad your luck held out and you survived. Life is good.:)

    Over the years, I've hit a few in trucks and one in a car but barely missed the bullet on bike so far. Just barely on a couple of occasions when it all happened so fast I didn't even react till it was long over. Not looking forward to when my luck runs out. Seems like everyone I ride with here has hit one in the last couple of years. No fatal accidents but plenty of injuries and a couple of totaled bikes. Scares the hell out of me honestly.

    It's kind of sad, the deer, they really don't have a clue.

    Anyways, good recovery to you. Hoping everything heals properly, the meds keep the pain tollerable and the insurance company adjuster is feeling generous. cheers

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