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  • RMH ·
    Hi Marv,

    This Cee Dragon uses the 4 hole mounting and I used it on my 2010 XC, so should work fine for you. I don't know what kind of mounting hardware it normally comes with as this one came as the shield only. I installed it with 4 x 6 mm screws using a small fender washer and rubber washer on either side of the shield.

    If you want it you can send paypal to [email protected] and I'll get it shipped in the next couple days.

    RMH ·
    Sure, I'll sell it to you. I got it used off EBay, but I couldn't really even tell it was used. It didn't have any mounting hardware, so I bought some screws and washers and rubber gaskets at the hardware store to attach it.

    How does $100 shipped sound? I paid just a bit over that and thought it was a good deal. Still have the box it came in so will be real easy to put it back in and ship to you.

    I can send you a paypal request. Just let me know your id or email or whatever is used in paypal to send requests.

    BBob ·
    Not really. My goal is to sell them as a set to someone who wants to chrome them like I did and not have their bike down for a month or two while waiting for the chromer to get it done.
    DMo ·

    I bought from Tri-City Performance in Centerville (half-way between Ogden and SLC). They also have a shop in Springville, near Provo. They were great to deal with. I was there on Monday, and they didn't have a white XC on the floor, but they may be getting one, who knows? I'd call Mike. He was a breeze to deal with.

    I actually went in thinking I was going for the XC. For whatever reason (probably my height) the XR just felt much better for me. I got some pretty severe buffeting off of the fairing of the XC. I've heard that from others, too, but I've also heard others say they don't have any buffeting at all. But you're right... they're both great bikes!

    I joined, too. Find me there as "dmorrissey."

    Good luck tracking down the white XC!
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