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  • wspollack ·
    Jim, I got an email from you on Friday morning, and replied Friday evening. You want me to resend that response?
    JPokerwinski ·
    Hey Bill.
    Well I bought one of those WheelDocs. nice unit and works well. I got the adapter for easy removal and also adapted it for my Lift. The only thing I wonder about is exposure to the gas-spring to the weather. I sent an email to the manufacturer of those asking them and asking them for a price on replacement. I think i would go through them rather than go back to Wheeldoc because their shipping is steep. In fact i had an issue with them on shipping. I got some accessories and they charged me shipping for them even though their web site says free shipping on accessories. she told me there is nothing they can do becuase i got it from the web. WTF ? really. So i said.. fine I will make note of that. But the unit is solid
    JPokerwinski ·
    Hey Bill !
    I trust your winter was good . I have a quick question on that WheelDock you reviewed . Can you release it while sitting on the bike ? Or does it require you to step on the clamp from outside it. I am thinking of getting one with the bracket so i can mount to my trailer and use it on my bike lift.

    mdzigzag ·
    Thank you for your service, it's much appreciated. I worked for the navy as a civilian for 38 years and retired from them in 2014, so we've got something else in common. maybe we will run into each other at a ride or rally sometime/
    mdzigzag ·
    Hi, I'm new to this forum but not to riding. I saw that you were from Niskayuna and just had to give you a shout since that area is home to me. I was born in Niskayuna, raised in So Glens Falls and went to school at Union. Moved to MD after graduation and haven't visited much in a few years since most of my family up there has passed away.
    That area has some fantastic roads and I do miss riding up there but I gotta say I don't miss the winters at all.

    Ok, I'll let ya go, just wanted to say hello.

    kodiakwood2 ·
    I have a big trip plan and was thinking about throwing on a Madstad bracket before we take off but I'm cheap and want to use my factory blade windshield, think it will work? I've read the chatter about windshields vibrating and cracking and that worries me a bit.
    wspollack ·
    Love it. I got it for the HeliBars install, and thought I would use it mostly to keep the bike straight for doing farkles. However, once I got used to it more -- this took just a couple of days -- I ride into it EVERY time I put the bike in the garage. I haven't used the sidestand, in the garage, in over a year now.

    Ah, got a Message Too Long error on the rest of my comments. I'll send you email.
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