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Jakvis 05-21-2019 05:19 PM

Dash Cams?
How many of you run Dash Cams?
If you run one where are you mounting it and what kind are you using?

I have a standard car style Dash Cam I picked up on Amazon The brand is YI and I think I paid around $50 for it.

I started using one a few years ago a couple days after a mini van decided to cross double, double, yellow lines to get into the car pool lane directly in front of me. My shoulder removed his rear view mirror but I was not hurt. That night when I got home I bought my dash cam.

Since I live in Southern California I don't have to worry about riding in the rain so much so this YI dash cam works out well for me and is much, much cheaper than buying a Go-Pro. I have it mounted on my windshield. I figure if someone tries to take me out at least there will be video evidence of what happened.
This morning I almost T-Boned a car that decide to whip a U-Turn directly in front of me. If I would have been in my car he definitely would have been T-Boned.

So again the question: do you use any cameras and how are you mounting them?

easybee 05-21-2019 06:05 PM

Jakvis 05-21-2019 06:24 PM

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This is the Yi Camera I'm using. It has loop recording and if in an impact it will save the time before and after the impact and won't write over it.
A lot of the action cameras won't do this.

Chuckz71 05-22-2019 08:22 AM

Dash Cams?
While quite a bit more pricey than those discussed above, excluding GoPro, Iím thinking about this one. Captures front and rear and should withstand rain.

Anyone using this?

INNOVV K2 Dual Channel

2016 Cross Country Tour, gloss black
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SkInM4N 05-22-2019 08:34 AM

Following this thread. This has been a subject I have recently started thinking of. I have a GoPro Hero 5 Black but I don't want to use it as a dash cam because i would have to remove it every stop.


Tony.v 05-22-2019 07:48 PM

Im using this Rove GPS enabled camera on my Vision.
It records your speed and location and has gotten wet without issues. No one has stolen it as of yet (had it for two years) and I do not remove it ever when parked at a mall or work.

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