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PEvil 02-23-2012 12:43 PM

Jackpot backfiring
I have recently purchased a 09 Jackpot used and have some questions regarding the Stage 1 kit and programming.

Yesterday was the first time I had the chance to get it out on a decent ride and noticed that it is backfiring. It occassionally will backfire out of the exhaust in between shifts after running the rpms up. It also would backfire what sounded like out of the airbox when blipping the throttle while decelling. This happened about 3 out of 10times I tried it. The bike also will put out a puff of black smoke when accelerating at WOT, seems like it is running rich to me.

The bike has the Victory Swept Pipes, Airbox is opened up with a K&N filter, and has reprogramming done by Victory. The calibration ID is 1122045346. I am unsure of which calibration this is, I just got some paperwork with the bike that had the ID on it.

Is this a problem anyone else has had with a similar setup?

DunedinDragon 02-24-2012 01:23 AM

Is this backfiring or decelleration popping. A back fire is typically very loud and sounds like a gunshot. Victory's are notorious for decel popping which is due to very lean air to fuel mixtures that are forced on them by the EPA. Most people address this with after market fuel tuners. But a backfire is a different animal. Also, the black puff of smoke sounds unusual and a bit ominous. Have you had the bike checked out by a Victory dealer or a mechanic of any sort?

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