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  1. Looking for this fairing

    Victory High-Ball
    Anyone point me to this fairing or have any other pics
  2. Club style fairing for Vegas

    Victory Vegas Forum
    I’m looking for a fairing for my 05 8Ball, been sitting for 3 yrs. while I played with my dyna. I’ve seen the Memphis not impressed. anyone running another fairing can u post pics price etc. no batwings ** edit looking for this style in pic
  3. finding neutral

    Rules and New Members Introductions
    with Switch to a full snythetic oil I use mobil1 20/50, problem solved.
  4. Wtt 2'' xc pull backs bars for xc apes

    Motorcycle Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Will they work with the xc fairing? If so heck yeah
  5. WTB Round Headlight

    Motorcycle Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I got one, chrome 250$ plus shipping it's yours
  6. Victory XC exhaust hatred

    Victory Cross Country and Cross Roads
    I know what you mean. I'm thinking of taking my covers off and wrapping the pipes in black header wrap...
  7. Brakes (Brembo)

    Victory General Discussion
    Did the front & rear took 10 mins, 15 tops. Thanks lorider for letting me know which way the rear pin went. front pads still look new almost...rear pads where literally down to metal, i scrap that up from riding the dragon a while back. Anyways thanks for the heads up.
  8. Brakes (Brembo)

    Victory General Discussion
    Uhhh what? I never implied WD should be an owners some sensitive Sandy's out there. I do my own work but its nice to talk with others and getting insight when tackling a job on a particular bike you have not done the brakes on before..for example watch out for the thingamabob...
  9. Lowering issues

    Victory Tech and Performance Section
    Spray some PB blast on it, and use a six point wrench. It is a pain the ass though, good luck.
  10. Brakes (Brembo)

    Victory General Discussion
    damn dude wish you would have taken a vid or pics...youd be like jesus on this forum. I guess no one who has bought an 07 and earlier vic has ever changed their pads, looking for info is like looking for that Malaysia airplane........
  11. Brakes (Brembo)

    Victory General Discussion
    Looking for a DIY for us guys with the Brembo calipers..vids, pics. Watched the witchdoctor vid for the newer vics but found nothing for the older bikes. can anyone help me out
  12. "Cross" Breading with a Hammer - (A build thread)

    Victory Cross Country and Cross Roads
    Good job, way to be different
  13. Man..we really do get snubbed ...

    Victory General Discussion
    Good Grief, have we become that sensitive? Dude who cares, ride your bike. cheers I've said it before usually the guys you have something to say are your garage queen weekend warriors. I'm up at Barnett Harley every weekend, I attend all the runs NO ONE has ever said a word to me but, "Hey is...
  14. Wtt 2'' xc pull backs bars for xc apes

    Motorcycle Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Like it says want to trade XC 2'' pullback handle bars for some apes, blk or chrome dont care. Also have the stock bars if some one would like to trade for those.
  15. Victory culture vs Harley culture?

    Victory General Discussion
    The only ones I have come across with an attitude towards Vics are your weekend warriors. Everyone else never has had an issue. My brothers have never taken issue. Who cares it's American Made.
  16. Show off your Cross Country

    Victory Cross Country and Cross Roads
    My new 12 XC, my 11 XC was destroyed by a kid in a chevy cruz. I've blacked out crash bars, mirrors, saddle bag hedges, engine wedge, headlight bezzel. Lowered rear 2''. Had it all of 2 days.
  17. blacking out xc

    Victory Cross Country and Cross Roads
    Nice, didnt even think of those pieces
  18. blacking out xc

    Victory Cross Country and Cross Roads
    wow, yeah im just wanting to do the trim pieces
  19. blacking out xc

    Victory Cross Country and Cross Roads
    Its not paint, its plastic stripping, cheers
  20. blacking out xc

    Victory Cross Country and Cross Roads
    Im kinda tired of my cookie cutter, so ive been thinking of blacking out a few pieces: Chrome headlight bezel, crash bars, saddle bag hinges and the chrome on the rear taillght. I'm thinking about using plastic dip. Anyone have experience using this stuff or if anyone can share their experience...
1-20 of 171 Results