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Titanium Black
Stage 1 Kit, Oxbow Exhaust, Mustang Seats, Hammer Fly Screen, Custom Pin Striping
I purchased the 2012 HighBall in Dec 2014 from a Harris County Deputy Sheriff, bike cop, who had purchased the bike back in 2012, but had only put < 300 miles on the bike.

Since he was a bike cop, riding around all week on his service motorcycle, left him with not much want to ride the bike at night once he got home. Secondly, on the weekend, being a great dad that he was, he wanted to spend time with his kids, so there that perfect bike sat, unused and still showroom fresh.

I believe he tried to sell the bike back in 2015 since it wasn't getting used, and since the bike had already taken the big depreciation hit most cars and motorcycles do, it still went unsold.

Here I came along in between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014, and saw this bike listed at a local Pasadena motorcycle dealership, that sold everything from Cruisers, to Hogs, to Jap cruisers, and customer modded bike, all mostly on consignment, and this ONE Victory HighBall.

I called them up and asked if the bike was still available, and they said 'Yes, it was,', and I told them I would be over there as fast as I could. Took a test drive...mind I had already taken a couple of test drives on HighBalls, and loved the way they felt, forward controls, ape hangers, and a custom pin striping job. One day later I was the proud owner of a 'like new' Victory Highball!

That first year, I added a couple of mods, the Mustang seats, which greatly added to the comfort, I wasn't getting from the solo seat, and, you'll see, in the photos, I also bought a Victory Hammer fly screen, and the mounting kit from National, which fit the front forks perfectly.

Now mind you, I've never been a fan of the Victory light kit that they put on the Victory bikes just didn't look right. I go for the more Classic headlamp look. I saw on YouTube where this HighBall owner took a 2010 Victory Vegas light kit, which uses the same HID lights that the HighBall uses. Now he kept the entire headlight assembly chromed.

urned out great!

If Purchased from Victory dealer, new Headlight assembly, $1000
I purchased from Victory Dealer, Used on EBAY, pulled from a 2010 Victory 8Ball, $150.00
De-Chroming the back headlight shell, $50, in Pasadena Chroming shop.

Here ya go, if you need anything thing chromed or de-chromed, these guys are great!

Last Saturday I had taken the back side cone on the headlight to a Chroming/De-Chroming shop I had used before on my 2003 KingPin.

I’ll include a before pic of the factory headlight assembly that Victory was putting on the HighBall, 8Ball, Vision, tour, etc., pretty much their ‘goto’ headlight of Choice. I think in 2015 and 2016 they put this new LED light assembly on the Gunner and the HighBall, But I really didn’t like it, looked too small, didn’t give that old school look I was going for.

I got the rear shell back from the de-chromers on Tuesday, gave it a quick buff of ScotchBrite finishing pad Wed night, shot on a coat of primer inside and out to seal the bare metal, then put it under a heat lamp for several hours. Thurs night, A light buff of 800 pad, a shot of black, bake, I had a small run down by the mounting tabs, which aggravated me, I sanded them out, reshot with the primer, to smooth it out, and bake. Fri night two coats of satin black, and one coat of clear matte finish, and bake.

I didn’t want to go flat black or gloss black, one being too shiny and one being two dull, once dry the satin black almost matched to a ‘T’ the Victory Titanium Black finish. You’ll see I also kept the front bezel Chrome, which I think looks alright.

Pulled the factory headlight around noon today, and put it together in less than 30 minutes…

You’ll notice there is a fly screen I put on the bike, when I first got it. It’s actually right out of the Victory catalog, it’s a Hammer fly screen, in smoke color. Since the fork clamp kit that came with it were for the inverted Hammer forks, they wouldn’t fit the forks on the HighBall.

I went online to National Cycle (who, BTW had a fly screen that fit the Victory’s), but didn’t have the Victory logo embossed on the front screen bracket), ordered the clamp kit from them which matched right up to the Victory Brackets and fly screen with their fork clamp kit.

Well, here ya go. The Headlight really adds some more coolness to the HighBall.

Laters PB

Still a few more mods to do, but for right now, I'm riding every day I can....
Also, Check out on YouTube, the Texas Twisted Sisters, some great Central Texas hill riding. May not be the 'Tail of the Dragon', but it's pretty darn good for Central Texas...
2012 Victory HighBall (Titanium Black)



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