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Cross Country
Midnight Cherry
Purchased used with 7800 miles in March 2016 from Mom's South in Foxboro, MA.
2010 Victory Cross Country (Midnight Cherry)


Bike came to me with the stock Dunlops at right around 8k miles on them, totally cupped and wonky. Replaced last season with Shinko SE 890 Journey Touring Radials and got right around 7k out of them so far. Was looking at them closely recently and they're starting to cup despite having plenty of tread left. That might be my own fault from running low air pressure. I'll monitor them on a couple imminent highway trips and probably replace before the end of this season (2017), not sure what with.
As of June 2017 the only powertrain change has been to stuff 23" glasspacks into my gutted stock pipes. Catalytic converters still in place.
WindVest 11" flip windshield - good looking and works well for me but not as well for my passenger.
Long Ride Shield 13" flip windshield - still good looking and works better for my passenger, although the top edge enters my line of sight sometimes - oh well, when momma's happy I'm happy :)
I'll keep both and swap between them depending on my needs.
Bike has been lowered significantly in the back by its previous owner - 2"? I love how it handles low, and how light she pulls up off the kickstand. Unfortunately, it bottoms out too much when I have a passenger, even after adding 60lbs of air to the shock - so I jacked it up and found the guy why had lowered it initially had used an ADJUSTABLE lowering link which had been dialed down as low as it could travel, Yeah! 10 minutes later I am 1.25" higher and no more bottoming out - bike still looks low and mean :)
Drag Specialties Low Touring Seat. Very handsome, kinda hard. I have sone long trips coming up to test its reputation for long ride comfort.
Wheel and Tire
Upgraded 5.25 speakers (Alpine) and a Kenwood booster amp. MAJOR improvement!



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