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Touring Cruiser
Black Red and White Pin Stripes
My husband and I bought this motorcycle from my brother a few years back. This is the first motorcycle he had own since a Honda 50 when he was ten. It was pre-owned when he purchased it and we don't have much information about the motorcycle before my brother owned it. A couple years after he bought this bike he bought his wife a Trike. He has extreme back pain and although riding is a destresser for him mentally because of his back the Trike gave him more pleasure to ride. We brought the Victory home in the fall. My husband works out of town so it sat that winter and we got it out the next spring. We had problems with the fuel being delivered from the tank to the engine. Some of the rubber and plastic parts had disintegrated we think from the gas. We had used some 10% ethanol gas. There isn't a Victory Dealer or mechanic close so we let a friend of my cousin work on it. He'd never worked on a Victory so he was learning as he went. It seem to take forever but we have no other complaints and only praise about his workmanship. He is our go to guy now for both our ATV and motorcycle.
2002 Victory Touring Cruiser (Black Red and White Pin Stripes)


Took off the windshield it had on it.
Brother changed out the seat and gave us the one that was on it.


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