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  1. Victory Tech and Performance Section
    Hey guys. I'm having issues with my 2005 Vegas (92ci, 5spd) that just started maybe a month or two ago. Things I've replaced: Battery (Dec 2022) Spark Plugs (2 days ago) Drive Belt (broke off a few weeks ago, replaced early last week) Issue 1: When starting the bike, I can turn the key on and...
  2. Victory Vegas Forum
    Hey riders, I have an 05 Vegas. No light mods. The right side front/rear turn signals went out. I have 0 volts to the fixtures. Left side works fine. Indicator lights on the "console" blink at normal rate when you turn the right side signal on. All fuses are fine, swapped blinker relay...
  3. Victory General Discussion
    Hello Victory Members, I've recently purchased my 2005 Victory Vegas used from a owner of 15 years. The bike when I bought it ran great. Very happy with Victory and actually impressed with a cruiser bike. This is my first cruiser bike and being from Florida really wnat to enjoy riding. This is...
1-3 of 3 Results