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  1. Victory Vegas Forum
    Hey guys. my 08 Vegas has been running fine up until about 15 mins into the ride. It will stall out and refuse to start. Red check engine light comes on and then it will not crank. Rectifier and stator seem good. Can anyone diagnose this as an issue they’ve had or know what I should do next?
  2. Victory Tech and Performance Section
    I have a victory that wont start, HAVE replaced the fuel pump which was most common issue, changed throttle bodies after discovering a crack in one and also replaced fuel injectors. still cant seem to get it to fire, itll turn over and when the engine gets a little warm it'll backfire out of the...
  3. Victory Hammer Forum
    Its a 2007 Victory Hammer. I replaced the pump, battery, and the spark plugs, got the thing running, it just idled like crap. So I cleaned the throttle bodies. Now the bike wont start. I'm assuming all the gunk it gumming up the plugs so I've been trying to start it and every 10 tries or so I...
1-3 of 3 Results