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    Any diagrams for wiring speedo on my 2009 kingpin low
  2. Victory Kingpin Forum
    Hey... I just picked up a 09 KP and the LH floor board is kind of jerry rigged on there and obviously the wrong kind, looks like original was broken off. Maybe a newbie issue, but I'm having a hell of a time finding a new floorboard. Any suggestions?
  3. Motorcycle Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I have a few stock parts off of a 07 Kingpin for sale-- Stock seats frt/ rear, an aftermarket Mustang seat f/ rear w/ driver backrest, stock handle bars,stock exhaust, stock key switch cover & brkt, rear trunk,rear license plate brkt, stock turn signals frt/ rear, lowering links, stock switches...
  4. Victory Tech and Performance Section
    I recently bought a 2004 Victory Kingpin. The fast idle lever doesn't work. I have taken it apart to adjust but I can't adjust the nuts enough to where it will function correctly. I run out of thread for the nut closest to the throttle on the cable wire and can't set it safely and securely. I...
  5. My 1987 Kingpin

    This is a photograph of my scoot stock. I have since replaced derby and cam cover plates with the flamed Ness covers. I also put on the chrome kit to cover the master brake cylinder reservoir and brakes. The only thing that says victory on it is on the speedo. I get lots of complements and the fi
1-6 of 6 Results