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  1. Motorcycle Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Dynojet power commander V PN: 19-009 For 2011-2015 Cross Bikes ( Cross country tour, Cross Country, cross roads) Brand new in the box Never been hooked up or used
    $315 USD
  2. Victory General Discussion
    Hey all. I have a brand new dyno jet power commander V that I no longer have a use for. I will let it go for a good price. New unused in the box. Three hundred twenty five smackaroos is all I'm asking. Anyone interested. Drop me an email address and we'll get in contact.
  3. Victory Cross Country and Cross Roads
    Ive seen a lot of people posting about needing a map and I feel bad about asking myself I have the 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour and ive done the following: Lloyd’z Adjustable Timing Gear (+4) Lloyd’z high flow air filter PCV Installed (stock map still on) 6, half inch holes in each baffled...
  4. Victory Tech and Performance Section
    I know this has been posted before but it seems like i'm having different issues I just had the following installed on my 2016 Gunner: Ground pounders Torque tubes 505 cams PCV Here's what's going on: Bike won't cold start unless I open the idle air valve 4+ turns counterclockwise. The more...
1-4 of 4 Results