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  1. Victory V92C
    Has anyone ever attempted relocating the speedo on their V92? I have a hell of a time seeing mine while riding and want to relocate it to the handlebars or atleast close and at a better angle. I've still got plenty of time, but if anyone has advice, let me know. Otherwise, follow the thread for...
  2. Victory V92C
    I just bought a 2003 V92TC and the check engine flashes every few seconds on my gauge. It runs great and shows no signs of any issues. I'm new to the victory world so I'm curious how I can check what the code is for. Do I need a specific scan tool? Anyone else had a similar issue?
  3. Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    Fun and powerful ride, low miles (5800mi), excellent condition, with genuine one-of-a-kind autograph by Arlen Ness himself on rear fender. 92ci 5-speed with lots of extra chrome and upgrades: Ness handlebars, staggered slash-cut pipes, tall windshield, passenger touring seat & backrest...
    $5,400 USD
  4. Rules and New Members Introductions
    Hey, all, from Northern Kentucky (Greater Cincinnati)! I joined Victory Forums in 2010, but I guess I didn't stay active enough on it (since I was still mid-career), so I think I eventually got "vaporized" from the member database. Anyway, happy to be back! I ride a 2004 Victory Kingpin with...
  5. Victory V92C
    Hey everyone, I am desperately looking for someone to work on my 99. Essentially, I need a Rylan Vos in the New England area. If anyone knows of a trusted, good Victory mechanic, please let me know. FYI: I don't want to go to some bum who tinkers - I can do that myself. I need someone who...
  6. Rules and New Members Introductions
    Hello all, I am Ali and a new Victory owner! I've been riding my own bike since May 2020. I started on a Vstar 650, moved to a Vstar 1100 after about a month and bought my Victory 05/01/2021! I own a 2000 V92 "Standard Cruiser" according to the local Vic shop that looked up my VIN for me. I am...
  7. Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    2000 Victory V92 •Clean title •7566 original miles •All maintenance performed at beginning of this season: -Oil changed (Brad Penn 20W50) and new oil filter (K&N) •New NGK spark plugs -New sealed battery -New air filter -New injector and petcock o-rings -New fuel lines and clamps -Throttle body...
  8. Victory Tech and Performance Section
    how do I lower my 2003 V92 custom cruiser? Is an adjustment or a part that needs to be replaced
1-8 of 8 Results