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  1. Victory Tech and Performance Section
    Hey guys. I'm having issues with my 2005 Vegas (92ci, 5spd) that just started maybe a month or two ago. Things I've replaced: Battery (Dec 2022) Spark Plugs (2 days ago) Drive Belt (broke off a few weeks ago, replaced early last week) Issue 1: When starting the bike, I can turn the key on and...
  2. Victory Vegas Forum
    2006 Victory Vegas 8 Ball 8,214 Miles professionally installed and tuned with RPW Big Slash Exhaust, Lloyds Get III VFC, Lloyds Torque Tube Intake about 1000 miles ago. Was running poorly and hesitating when I twisted the throttle. Doesn't run much so I replaced the fuel (premium) and no...
  3. Victory Vegas Forum
    Okay folks, so I’ve been on this forum for a while searching…haven’t found the answers yet. I’m doing a custom rear fender and tail light setup. Have bullet dual signal and brake lights going in. Can’t seem to figure out why I don’t have a brake light but signals, running, work. As mentioned...
  4. Victory Vegas Forum
    Hello! Recently, I had a slight fall on my motorcycle (don't ride in the fog, brothers). Of the damage - the brake handle and slightly scratched the exhaust pipes. Since I don't ride it very often, I think there was a ticking sound after the fall. If the bike is in neutral, everything is fine. I...
  5. Victory General Discussion
    Hey victory people I have a question about exhaust compatibility between the 92ci and 100ci freedom twin, steel frame bikes. I've been bargain hunting performance parts and could really widen my options if there's some compatibility. I don't mind having to make a mounting bracket or whatever...
  6. Victory Vegas Forum
    Hey guys. my 08 Vegas has been running fine up until about 15 mins into the ride. It will stall out and refuse to start. Red check engine light comes on and then it will not crank. Rectifier and stator seem good. Can anyone diagnose this as an issue they’ve had or know what I should do next?
  7. Victory General Discussion
    Selling my 2016 Vegas 8-ball. Noe Martinez did the work- loyds intake-loyds cam-Maximus tuner- diamond headlight with halo led bulb- Ricky grafeo custom built loud mouth exhaust. I installed ness mirrors - led fork front blinkers - slim fender tucked led break light/blinkers - 3,500 miles. Runs...
  8. Victory General Discussion
    I like the Bassani Road Rage 2 in 1 exhaust, I am wondering why websites that have it for sale show it not fitting the 2017 model but it fits the 2015 model and older. Was there some change made between the years that makes it so this system so it will not fit?
  9. Victory Vegas Forum
    Hey, guys. I'm wanting to swap out my stock headlight for an aftermarket light. I have my eye set on one, but it's fitment is for a harley. Would it be difficult to install on my '03 Vegas? Are there adapters I can order? Any help is much appreciated.
  10. Victory Tech and Performance Section
    Hey all. I am new to the forum here having just bought my 09 Vegas 2 or so months ago now. Bare with me on this post as Im giving all the info I can. Just after I bought it, the license plate/rear turn signal plastic fender extension had broke with one of the turn signals falling off. I had...
  11. Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    2012 Vegas 8 Ball. Excellent running and condition. 8550 miles. Conquest pipes. LED headlight and flush signals. New tires, fresh oil change, filter and spark plugs. Located in Columbia, South Carolina. Asking $5900.
  12. Rules and New Members Introductions
    Hey Guys, I picked this up last week, couldn't be happier with it. 2008 Vegas 8 Ball with 3,800 miles on it. It's not a perfect bike but it's not far from it. My only plans to mod this right now might be to add saddle bags (need some onboard storage for registration and insurance info). I've...
  13. Victory General Discussion
    I have a 2003 vegas ,the speedometer quit working and the check engine light comes on. I've seen where others have posted same issue but never said if they got it fixed and what the problem ended up being?
1-13 of 13 Results