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    Hey guys. my 08 Vegas has been running fine up until about 15 mins into the ride. It will stall out and refuse to start. Red check engine light comes on and then it will not crank. Rectifier and stator seem good. Can anyone diagnose this as an issue they’ve had or know what I should do next?
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    2016 Victory Gunner and 2016 Victory Vegas
  3. Victory General Discussion
    I like the Bassani Road Rage 2 in 1 exhaust, I am wondering why websites that have it for sale show it not fitting the 2017 model but it fits the 2015 model and older. Was there some change made between the years that makes it so this system so it will not fit?
  4. Victory General Discussion
    I have a 2017 victory highball. Does anybody know if I can get a bigger size back tire on my motorcycle? Stock says front 130/90 and back 140/90. I would like a fatter back tire but not sure if it will fit. Anybody know?
  5. Victory General Discussion
    Hello all, My name is Kevin, I've been on these forums since I bought my first Victory in 2019, which is a '99 V92C. Wanted to finally introduce myself, as is tradition. Over the last couple years I have had a random smattering of issues with this bike, most of which I have found solutions to...
  6. Victory Vision Forum
    Have a 2012 Victory Vision that is throwing a code. Check engine light comes on when idle, goes away when accelerate and comes back when RPMs drop. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  7. Victory Tech and Performance Section
    I have a 2010 Victory Crossroads, speedometer not working no lights no gauge movement.... nothing.... any ideas? -Dougie
1-8 of 8 Results