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  1. Victory Vegas Forum
    Okay folks, so I’ve been on this forum for a while searching…haven’t found the answers yet. I’m doing a custom rear fender and tail light setup. Have bullet dual signal and brake lights going in. Can’t seem to figure out why I don’t have a brake light but signals, running, work. As mentioned...
  2. Victory Octane
    Hey guys, I know there has been multiple threads about the tailight wiring for aftermarket LED lights but I've hit a dead end, I'm an amateur at wiring. I tried following the diagram that I got from another thread but my light still doesn't function the way I want it to. I bought an integrated...
  3. Victory Cross Country and Cross Roads
    I’m looking for an overall wiring diagram for my 2013 XC and 2007 KP. Have a couple projects to do, and it would be nice to know which wires go where.
1-3 of 3 Results