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I have a 01 victory v92c, it runs and rides perfectly.
Recently as of a few days ago, whenever I pull in the clutch at low speeds I can hear clacking, only when the clutch is pulled, if I engage it even slightly the noise goes away. It only does this when fully warmed up.
Oil change was done 1200 miles ago, bike reports 4300 miles on odo, title shows 890 miles when I bought it and odo was at 1700 when I bought it, story on miles check out but who really knows. The throttle bodies looked brand new and clean, first thing I checked when purchased, and all original warning stickers look new.
Bike has no oil leaks, and oil is full with 20w50 Lucas full synthetic.
Any ideas or any more info needed to help with this?
Oh and all gears work fine, and pull hard, only occasionally pops out of first, thats only happened a handful of times. Purchased the bike less than 2 months ago.
Thanks in advance!


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