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New noise need an opinion please: First gear only, semi-getting on it has a sound I can only describe as the AFlac duck with a sore throat just yelling AAAAAA. I can ride all day without the noise if I don't accelerate too much in 1st. Noise seems to emanate from primary but hard to ride with my head down there. I'm not a rubber burner, but can't vouch for the previous owner.

It also has the neutral rattle that goes away with clutch in, I can live with that. (steel toes made big difference in shift quality, who knew)

9800 miles, bought Jan 2011 with 7000 miles, looked new.

Also need Victory tech with most experience in LA, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino county. Not sure I want the Ducati or Harley tech who just completed a seminar experimentin. Thank you.
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