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ok guys need some help here.

tonight i got a call from my wife saying she was sitting along side the rode and her bike wouldnt start. said the red engine light came on. so she stopped to make sure nothing was leaking and went to restart the bike and it wouldnt start.

i got there and was able to start the bike, keep in mind it cranked very slow. anyhow i got it started and got it home. when i left the light was not on but came on shortly after. pulled the side cover and noticed my ground was starting to corroded at the battery.
cleaned the battery terminals and started the bike again cranking very slowly and only had 11.5-12v at idle i did not rev it up to see if it raised since it was 11:00pm and my pipes are LOUD!:)

where should i my voltage be at idle on this bike? is it common for a rectifier to go bad?

i have yet to dig deeper into it and plan on throughly cleaning the terminals in the morning and checking fuses and all connections...

is there as test for the regulator or is checking voltage at the battery ?

please help i have a ride coming up sunday i dont wana miss and should be able to overnight parts tommorow if i can get this figured out.................................
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