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I'm new to the victory world. Dad had Harleys and I have always rode crotch rockets. I recently bought a 99 v92c and was wondering what and where I can find parts and upgrades for this bike performance and cosmetic. I haven't been able to find much of anything online for the 1999

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Imo ebay and the v92 on Facebook
That's where I have gotten a lot of parts for my girlfriend 2002

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Rylan Vos at The Vic Shop is an excellent resource for the V92 series.

I keep an eye on eBay & Craigslist as well (I don't do Facebook) for bike-specific stuff, but a great deal of parts were sourced from existing automotive and industrial stocks. I posted this a while ago, but it's worth repeating...

I've had my V92C for 12 years now; here's a parts cross-reference list I've made up over time. When developing the V92 series, they went to existing parts stocks for many items, which does make it easier to keep them going. The list is a general one, and some cross-references may be dated, but this should give you a starting place.

One thing to beware - the "T" quick-detach fuel fitting gets VERY FRAGILE over time, and WILL break if you put it under side loads when inserting / removing it from the lower (female) part. This part is unicorn status - listed as NLA from Victory about ten years ago. Also, when reconnecting the fittings, make sure you have the latch pushed in, or you may shave the o-ring, causing a fuel leak.

Welcome to the V92 obsession!

99-01 V92C parts interchange list
"Hammer" 92/5 engine

coil -
Ford part # F6DU-12A366-AB
(96 - 99 SHO with 3.4 L V8 engine)

Spark plug boot & cable -
VW / Audi part # 06A 035 255
(98-00 Golf / Jetta 4 cyl)

Bosch 0 280 122 001
Neihoff FE4038

Starter brush replacement kit -
Johnson Electric Automotive # 57167-40K

wheel bearing -
#6204 hdouble sealed
20 mm ID, 47 mm OD, 14 mm wide

neck bearing -
Timken L44600LA (tapered roller bearing)
Timken 44610 (race)

Gas cap internals -
Stant #10825

Injector o-rings -
same as '98 Mustang 5.0 liter engine

MAP sensor -
comes from a Chevy 2001-2003(?) 8.1L gas engine (1-ton pickup)

Oil pressure sensor -

fuel pump / headlight relay
CarQuest RY601
(fuel pump relay '98 Olds delta 88 & others)

female (lower) half of fuel line quick-disconnect -
[Vic PN 2520136]
#5478K611 (stainless steel)
#5012K68 (acetal)
#51545K6 (polypropylene)
(these fit the 1/4" dia. male part and 3/8" hose).

v92c side cover fasteners
Southco no 82 stud fastener, 82-15-220-16 (or 82-16-220-16?) Can be purchased through hardware distributors like Bisco or Hi-tech fasteners...

Fork caps -
Marzocchi #528203 (45 mm)
[forks are Marzocchi, 45 mm dia. so seals, etc. are available]

Brake pads -
front - EBC 244HH (sintered)
rear - EBC 209HH (sintered), 209 (organic)

[credible rumor...]
Valves springs from Saab (unknown which OHC engine)
[from post by kmart, 6 june 2014 in VMC V92c forum]
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