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I've searched the forum and didn't see anything that jumped out at me for my bike. I apologize if this is a duplicate thread :(

The thing I'm looking at now is how to change the oil and what I'll need...... the mechanics/service manual says you'll need the oil change kit for $90, but I figure that's a rip off. (Found here: edited by moderator per forum rules) Is it a rip off ? My first guess is absolutely....

What have you guys done to change your oil so far ? I've heard a large range of opinions on oil, but is the polaris brand oil really THAT worth it ? I would guess not, but looking for opinions

As for Oil filters, what about the below ? I have no clue on name brands for the 2002 TC....

Neither come with the gasket necessary for the drain plug, but I'm thinking the gasket doesn't need to be changed out every time..... I know all about the engineering safety factor and I'm thinking that might be the case (or I could probably just call a dealer for that). Any comments ? Any tips ?

I'm taking a 2,000 mile ride in a couple weeks and am looking to make sure the bike is ready to ride. Any other things you'd check before a long ride ? Sorry, I'm a rookie!


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