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2007 Cory Ness Jackpot

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Hi guys, need some help here. I have a 2007 Jackpot Cory Ness, and I've been shopping for an LED headlight. Problem is, mine seems to mount differently than anything I can find, even OEM headlights. Mine has 4 mounting screws that go horizontally through the housing intotheback of the headlight. Everything I can find online has 3 or 4 screws mounting vertically, down through the headlight into the housing. Pics attached. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.!
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Wow that's strange I had the exact same bike but totaled it but I've got an 06 jackpot and I'm trying to put the same LED headlights and it mounts fine but I plug it in and nothing happens and it just keeps blowing my headlight fuse and it's the second one I bought I don't know if it needs a load equalizer or big a fuse something I don't know but I'm about ready to give up
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