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Trike riders are special. They occupy a curious market that's tricky to define, riding an odd sort of machine that is neither fish nor fowl—not a motorcycle or a car but behaving a bit like both. That niche, however, is growing quickly as interest in the three-wheel world gains momentum.

Lehman's Victory Kingpin-based Pitboss doesn’t mess around. It is a well-muscled, sleek machine that can attract riders in and out of the traditional trike domain. Finding that irregular market target has been Victory's forte for the last few years.

The factory's strategy has focused on vacant niches—be where the competition isn't. In the ultra-competitive world of motorcycling, this is not a bad idea. The Minnesota OEM has built success on edgy factory customs that are aimed at customers not in other, long-established manufacturers’ crosshairs.

Of course, there is some overlap, but Victory chief, Mark Blackwell, has done a nice job slipping and dodging the big body blows of larger OEMs, picking his spots and delivering crisp shots to their nether parts. It's a tough business out there.

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