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It came to me like a dream. More like a birthday gift, "the 10th bike is yours," spouted the Victory press rep over the phone, "just don't crash it." Here I thought I was answering the hotel wake-up call, instead I had been thrown the keys to an exclusive ride aboard the mack-daddy of all Victory motorcycles. Replete with all the bells and whistles, the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Vision is the best of the best in touring mounts from Victory. What a happy day! The combination of two great tastes, cruisers and touring, could only be topped by a cherry of exclusivity!

In a similar way, 98 other motorcyclists got an email from Victory Motorcycles presenting them with the right to own a piece of history. They, too, had won a lottery - to be able to purchase one of only 100 Victory Vision 10th Anniversary units produced to mark Victory motorcycle's tenth model year (tenth year in production.) I say 98 riders because Victory motorcycles kept a bike for itself and master builder Arlen Ness got his mitts on one too. Playing fair and remaining a down-to-earth company, Victory itself pulled randomly from the list of units - no preferential treatment – and landed unit #67. The always-coveted #1 and #100 bikes went to good ol' common folk riders just like you!

Being a member of the press, I got my ride without any banking transactions (whew!), but that didn't deflate my excitement to see the rest of the owners recently gathered at the VIP & VRA (Victory Rider Assoc.) parties held in Daytona Beach this year during Bike Week 2009. Along with some 20 Anniversary bikes, 45 owners of the limited-edition bike and nearly 500 attending Victory owners, MO's EiC Kevin Duke and myself joined a few of the festivities.

More: 2009 Victory Vision Tour 10th Anniversary Edition on
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