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I was going to post this in the XR/XC section but figured it was better here for anyone looking for an answer.

I am sure Kevin can give a better explination on this but I wanted to make people aware of a unique issue to the 2010 XR and XC. Victory chose to try to build a better mouse trap if you will on this year and make of bike and went from the traditional TWO sensor diode to a FIVE sensor one. These unfortunetly have had issues. Examples of this would be; while riding your bike you make a left turn and the neutral light will turn off and then when you level out the bike it will turn off. Another issue is when it is on the kick stand (leaning to the left) the bike WILL SHOW neutral and WILL TURN OVER even if you are in FIRST! I had to catch my bike several times as it has lunged forward! :mad:

When your dealership orders a new one they will get TWO sensor one vs the older model. Your dealership will not be able to use any other diode due to the 2010 being a one of a kind. In other words you can not install a 2011+ and the 2010 will not accept any other models diode.

Victory was aware of it and were very welling to get a part out to my dealership - that said - my bike did set at the dealer for almost two weeks! This has alot to do with the holiday but mostly to do with having to get Victory to send out a unique part that.

My dealership went ahead and ordered a few extras incase in other 2010 came in with the same issue.

For the record I have ridden my bike every day of the week for over a year now. My wife keeps the truck and I ride DAILY - thus no need for another car or payment! thumb up Between this neutral issue and the knock in the gas tank that I found out was the float and a small design issue due to the reshape of the tank, I have had no issues!

This was not really an issue and I would have delt with it, but it was covered and I could get it fixed for free, so why not! The bike has ran flawless!!!!
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