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Instead of retyping everything im just going to put the link to my CL ad here to make it easy.
If anyone has any interest or questions don't hesitate to ask! email me at [email protected] or call or text me at 765-585-8559.

Bike is in show room condition I promise! Only reason im even selling it is cause we have 2 year old twin boys and we never ride it much and im looking to buy a new duramax so the extra money would come in handy.

Thanks guys! Please use my email or number to get ahold of me cause I don't check the forum that much anymore.

Victory Cross country

Here is a video rylan had filmed the day I had him do my cams and everything the red cross country bike is the one listed for sale.

$15,000 For everything, Have stock windshield and a set of neometz exhaust that you can have as well if you want them.
PC5 Cable and can even give you a back up of the map Rylan Vos made on his dyno.
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