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2017 X1 that i Messed up..... HELP ME_!!!!

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Need Help with what i screwed up... Putting a PC5 on today and one of the wires from the PC hit the Hot Exhaust... Its the first wire lead closest to the PC5 Box,,, Rear pipe, Think it goes to the belt side cluster of wires? The Engine light stays on,, But runs fine... Posting picks.... I cut the wire and am putting them back together minus the melted stuff... What did i short out? The PC5, Sensor thingy, Something else? Ideas please.... Also put the O2 sensor bypass on also.... Bad one of them?
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So if i read it right.... First off Replace the PC5 is a must.. But My question is,,, IF someone would fix it,,, What is your thoughts of what it needs? IT needs a New Plug End? Or Wires Fixed the correct way?
That way i can fix and send it away.
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