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I'm selling my entire intercom kit. Its total value ( when I bought all of it just less than 4 months ago ) was $560 + tax. ($40x3 boom mic mounts plus $440 Duo motorcycle intercom set). This is the latest and greatest system. It is the ONLY fully Waterproof SYSTEM using non-publically accessible frwquencies. It blows bluetooth intercom sustems out of the water, yet can talk to them too. Yes, I'm selling this Cardo scala rider PacTalk Duo dual motocycle intercom set and three additonal Boom Microphone Cradles that work very very well. This system is using FCC LICENSED frequencies, not publically shared freqs. This system can easily mesh 2-15 riders (Cardos equip and many other brands). They also can sync to GPS, and two phones at once. The extra Integrated Boom Microphones allow Packtalk to easily clip on your various diferent helmets so you can clip the transceiver on and go. they can be used on half helmets, 3/4 and many old full sized with non removable liners.

I'm selling them because I was sideswiped by a young man wearing ear buds and then fled the scene. I broke my ankle so I wont ride for awhile, if I ever do again. (note this accident had nothing to do with the IC system. We didn't have it on. If we did, it may have helped to avoid this accident).

if interested, I'll accept $440 and pay for shipping. Thats $120 off a still warranted system. So call me and look them up on line. they are kicking butt and comes with an phone app for an easier use when possible.

Please note: the antenna doesnt need to be up. It just helps get that extra mile or two; max I'm told is 5 mile separation.

[email protected]@2399


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