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A bro who has a Gilroy Indian took trip to Worcester Sunday and rode the Chieftain.
He reports- stupid bottom. Lumbering in third and fourth bike jumps when you crack it. Considering that he has owned a shop and wrenched for power Pop views that as considerable praise.
Real metal. Chromework and details rival the MoCo. Plastic, not abundant.
He is impressed with the Chieftain. We agree to disagree on that one.
Size equals a glide. Sad news to Gilroy and KM riders who are used to a giant motorcycle.
Fasteners- according to the Indian techs, no fasteners on the Indian are the same as on Victory. Cryptic...much?
Worst issue my bud had- blinkers did not cancel. This is a bother that KM had to deal with from Gilroy riders since Gilroys cancelled and KMs did not. May be that the bike he rode was flukey but the techs were unable to answer whether it dooze or it won't.
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