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Okay, so I've owned my V92 for exactly 6 months today and have ridden right about 7100 miles. I must say, this bike has been fantastic!!! It has been a great daily commuter and a long distance tourer. I highly recommend it for anyone. Here are the facts from my experience:

Bought it with: 7,110 miles
Now: 14,114 miles
Oil changes: 2 (almost time for a 3rd)
Tires: Bought new Bridgestone when I got the bike
Brake pads: Replaced both sets when I got the bike
Broken: Clutch cable over my 4th of July trip
(replaced with Barnett)
Male fuel line quick connect (when installing cable)
Fuel gauge does not work; it always read FULL
Can't reset trip mileage
MPG: 33 MPG when during my daily commute
37 MPG when cruising on the highway at 75 MPH
30 MPG when riding like a jack ass up to 94 MPH and passing everything in sight on a one lane highway

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thumb up Great to hear! Enjoy the ride. cheers
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