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Quentin Tarantino...

Now, it's common knowledge that Hollywood is bursting at the seams with lying, liberal, homosexual democrats...right?

The hypocrisy of that entertainment "elite" knows no bounds.

They are dishonest, lie like dogs (apologies to all my canine buddies everywhere!), and these Godless, anti American sodomites make millions of dollars off their extreme violence movies.

Quentin Tarantino has become one of...if not THE..."top" director of gory violence, for it's own sake, movies.

While I DO agree that the scum bag, Tarantino, is very talented, and I have seen all of his movies, except the one where some silly, racist, nee-gro "gunslinger" goes around killing every white person he can...I see enough of that on the local evening news from the Detroit metro area...( "decoder" tip...if they DON'T say "black male" WAS a "black male" that killed, raped, robbed"...whatever, that the police are looking for)

In fact, I think "Mr. Hypocrite's" two part movies, "Kill Bill" both one and two...were excellent!

He actually made a "chick flick action" movie...aren't they ALL, the last decade or so?...that was well done, and somewhat believable...

Uma Thurman, who played the "HEROINE"...yes, THAT is the politically INCORRECT, but GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT...term for the type part she played...see, I live in AMERICA, and in AMERICA, we speak ENGLISH...and "HEROINE" is the correct, ENGLISH word for such a character...comprendo, Jose?

Now I know all the "femi-NAZIS", limp-dicked "Phil Donohue" types...and of course, the light in the loafers, rain bow flag waving, obama loving, homos, will get very upset to see a straight, white, male...ANY straight, white, male...use that term...well..."tough titty"...or "ball sac"...your choice, of course, according to the supreme court! lol

Anyway, the fight scene between Uma Thurman...known as "Black Mamba"...and another lying, liberal, obama loving, democrat, Daryl Hannah...assassination squad name, "California Mountain Snake"...was actually top notch. Under scum bag Tarantino's direction, the two air headed, obama ass kissing, females put on a very believable, action packed fight.

Well done, Quentin, Uma, and Daryl...and very enjoyable...if ONLY every time two obama loving, lying liberal democrats met, only one would live to "fight another day"...what a wonderful world it would be!

Anyway, as I was "crusing around" Motown recently, on my beloved Night of course!...I had the unexpected opportunity to talk with Quentin Tarantino, as he exited the Detroit "Re-Cen" Hotel, where he had gone for a local radio interview to push his latest movie, "The Hateful Eight", and was surrounded by four nee-gro, Detroit police officers, escorting him to his limo, waiting at the curb.

As I saw him approach his limousine, I wheeled my "Night Train" of course!...over to the curb to say hello.

Two of the four nee-gro Detroit police officers approached me, and I said, "Is that Quentin Tarantino?...I'm a big fan, could I meet him?

They had me wait, went and asked him if it was okay, and I was allowed to approach.

He admired my Night of course!...and said he loved bikes, but like most lying liberals, just didn't have the courage or physical dexterity to ride or drive anything that required him to "multi-task" while smoking his crack pipe.

I told him I understood completely, as I grew up with lots of "brothers" that were just like that..."Oogie, Booby, Mindo, Hatch, and Sea Dog, just to name a few...and, sadly, most, or all, were either dead or in prison now.

Anyway we preceded to discuss his movies, I told him I liked them, except that I felt that too much of his violence was simply too graphic...gory to just be gory...such as the scene from "Reservoir Dogs" where the young cop is bound to a chair while, Michael Madsen cuts his ear off with a straight razor.

I told him I thought scenes like that could give some of the psychos running the streets "ideas" to hurt people even more than they already do, and wouldn't think of on their own...and that there was actual proof of those kinds of movie depicted scenes being done by criminals...the "copy cat effect".

Well, Quentin, being the imaginary "genius", all lying, liberal democrats THINK they are...due to the congenital "big brain pan" birth defect common in liberal very upset, told me I was an "ignorant, Midwestern jerk", and got into the limo...

Recognizing that our talk was over...I'm very perceptive that way...I started to mount my Night of course! the limo pulled away from the curb and slowly rolled past me.

As the rear passenger window rolled down I saw Quentin pull out a pistol and point it at me...fortunately, I had not zipped up my leather riding of course!...and just instinctively drew my Glock 19 from the "belly band" holster I was wearing at the time.

I fired once...hit the mark exactly, of course...because I'm a card carrying, conservative AMERICAN member of the NRA...and TEA Party...who makes regular visits to the range to keep my shooting skills extra sharp...much better than most by "10 least."

The nee-gro Detroit police officers rushed over, as I placed my trusty semi auto gently on the pavement, and held up my hands.

The officer checking Quentin said..."Dead as a door nail...damn nice shooting!...Looks like his gun is a movie prop...won't fire at all."

My Glock, of course, is real.

I asked, "What happens now?"

The four nee-gro Detroit police officers looked at each other, then one said..."We all saw it the same way...clear cut case of self defense...You didn't know the asshole's gun wasn't real...We never liked that pencil necked mutha fucka anyway, know what I'm sayin'...You're clear to go."

So, I picked up my trusty Glock 19, gen 4...noticed it was one round lighter now...put it back in my "belly band" holster...climbed on to my Night of course!...waved a fond farewell to all my new Detroit police admirers, took one last look at Tarantino, and "ripped through gears" so they, like me, could enjoy that wonderfully delicious Big Twin rumble as I disappeared out of sight.


P.S. If any lying, liberal democrats happen to read this post, and lose control of their bladder, be advised, it is FICTIONAL...similar to all the lies obama tells...the DIFFERENCE being, MINE is in JEST...simply for amusement purposes only...while obama's are meant to deceive, and destroy, "Truth, Justice, and the AMERICAN Way!" :cool:


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