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I had a lot of criteria on my checkbox for my next motorcycle purchase. Was looking at allllll of them but really wanted something american made. was determined that the HD fatboy would be it, but was already looking at the thousands of dollars in upgrades it needed to satisfy me.

along comes the victory vegas jackpot, kapow! hit me right in the face with awesomeness! has everything i needed, fat tire, big front wheel, lots of power and according to the net, amazing reliability(made in the US too)it is next bike.

One of the other things i needed was a nice sissy bar/backrest and luggage rack, after contacting victory they acted like it was slim picking from the factory. Thanks to this forum and using the search function i have found some amazing solutions.

I will be going on a 1000 mile trip to ohio and will be using a sissy bar bag and some saddlebags, will buy from, their sissybars look amazing!

well i look forward to sharing my riding stories on here and will be buying one of these bad boys in the next few weeks, (closing on a house on friday) after that it's game on for the search!
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