I love this bike. I wanted to keep it forever, but I don't have the space and I just don't ride it any more. I have a Kawasaki Versys I can NOT stay off so, time to sell. To get a comparable bike new, with 41 gallons of storage, heated suede seats, head turning colors, 106 CI power- you're gonna spend a LOT more than $12K. This bike needs nothing- has brand new bearings front and back and new tires for the season. Didn't plan on selling it last year so I got her all worked up at Matt's Sled Shack in Holderness (great place!). At 18k miles, the engine isn't even broken in really. Its official color is 'Gold Digger Pearl' and it's eye-catching. It has a nice metallic yellow color. Very slick bike, throaty (not obnoxious) exhaust- have done 0 modifications. Has tiny scratch on upper bag where I parked too close to my other bike and the handle bar scratched it slightly. Nail polish fix. About $30k new.

Oh yeah, would consider partial trade for Adventure/Motocross/Dualsport type bike. Make an offer! Your wife's butt will thank you!!

Thanks for looking! Ride safe, rubber side down!