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Know this has been covered somewhat but hoping someone could give me the max dimensions that would fit in the space under fairing that every has mounted their amp to. Looking to fabricate or buy a mounting plate and I have decided to go with a different amp setup.

I can look up the dimensions for the Rockford Amp obviously and have. So with that info I can try and guess by the pics posted by a couple members. However was hoping to get a more precise measurement of the maximum size I could fit in there Width x Height x Depth so I know the limitations for whatever set up I decide to try.

Also considering an amp that does not have an auto sense turn on feature so would like to tie into the harness that goes the radio and find the lead that turns on the Radio from the switch to tap into for remote. Have the service manual but can not find the wire break out for the Radio/plug. Has anyone checked this out yet and have the wires all written down someplace? lol

Any help would be appreciated.

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