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You may find this of interest.

From the AMA:

2012-05-16 - Attention Ohio Motorcyclists!
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Motorcycle Handlebar Height Bill on the Move!

House Bill 316, sponsored by Rep. Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) and Rep. Al Landis (R-Dover), seeks to relax the current motorcycle handlebar height standard of no higher than 15 inches above the seat or saddle to a more reasonable limit. The bill has eight co-sponsors.
At a February 15 hearing on HB-316 before the House Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, it became clear there was opposition to the introduced version of HB-316.
Representatives Rosenberger and Landis developed an amendment to the bill, addressing concerns raised at the hearing about measurement and enforcement issues. The amendment proposed a new handlebar height standard of no higher than shoulder height of the operator while the operator is seated in the operator’s seat or saddle.
On May 9, the committee held a 3rd hearing on HB-316. Following public testimony in favor of amending the bill, Chairman Rex Damschroder (R-Fremont) called the amendment up for consideration. Committee members voted to amend the bill and then voted the amended version out of committee; both votes were unanimous.
The next stop for HB-316 is the full House of Representatives.
With the Ohio General Assembly soon to enter summer recess, here’s what YOU can do to help HB-316 along – make four contacts:
1) Contact your representative to request he or she support HB-316. If you don’t know who your representative is, visit the Issues and Legislation page in the Rights section of and enter your ZIP code in the box provided.
2) Contact Representative Rex Damschroder (614-466-1374) to thank him for calling HB-316 for public hearings and for favorable passage out of the House Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee.
3) Contact Representatives Cliff Rosenberger (614-466-3506) and Al Landis (614-466-8035) to thank them for sponsoring and amending HB-316.
When contacting your representative, you might consider using the following talking points to promote support for HB-316:
• Motorcyclists should be able to customize their machines, especially with equipment that enhances their comfort.
• Nineteen other states permit motorcycle handlebars to be higher than Ohio’s current maximum of 15 inches above the seat or saddle, while sixteen states have no restriction whatsoever.
• According to a 2006 Connecticut Office of Legislative Research Report, “We were unable to find any unequivocal information or scientific studies that establish a context for either Connecticut’s handlebar height standard [15 inches above the uppermost portion of the seat when it is depressed by the weight of the operator] or for the relationship between handlebar height and accident experience.”
Take a few minutes TODAY to make contact with your representative and those responsible for introducing and moving HB-316 through the legislative process. Ask your representative for his or her support on HB-316 and thank those who sponsored and helped move the bill.
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