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Hi folks, while we still can and before it becomes a major issue, I'm hoping with everyones help we can compile the basic info on what size belt fits the various years and models. Here is what I have so far so if you can add to this for us in the future and others more importantly; it would be a great help. Maybe one of the mods can make it a sticky for future reference.

Belts are one of those items we can't simply have a machinist make or modify to fit.

Model Years #Teeth Width Pitch

Vision/X-Bikes All 154T 28mm 14mm OEM # 3211088
Current source as of 12/24/17 click HERE.

SC, TC, Etc Pre-2003 135T 1.5” 14mm OEM # 3211085
BDL Polychain Final Drive Belt 1.5" 14mmP 135T #PC-135-1 1/2 Harley Davidson - Found on ebay; made for HD fits pre-2003 Vic's.

Note: TC's from 2002 - 2006 use a 142 tooth belt. It's the same belt used on the 03-05 steel frame bikes listed below. The wheelbase is a couple inches longer than the SC's.

All Steel Frame 03-05 142T 35mm/1-3/8"/1.42" 14mm pitch OEM # 3211088
No alternate source at this time. Will update when there is one.

All Steel Frame 06-2017 147T 28mm 14mmP Plus 05 Hammer and JP. OEM# 3211102
No alternate source at this time. Will update when there is one.

2006 and up steel frames are 147 teeth. Include 05 Hammer and JP.
If the guys who have a 147 tooth belt use a 31 tooth front pulley (Under Drive from Conquest Customs) then a Buell 1125R belt will work, part #G0500.1AMG (Thanks H_C)

Some oil filter and oil info provided by RoteBaron

Oil Filter
20 x 1.5mm threads, 14 psi by-pass valve, anti-drain back valve, 2.3" O.D. gasket, 3.5" long. These all use synthetic media and accordion wrap.
• * Purolator ML 16851,
• WIX 51356 or 51356XP , $7.99/O’Reilly’s
• Mobil 1 M1-110, $12.__/Advance
• Bosch 3323, $13.__/Advance
• NAPA PFL 41365
• Super-Tech ST7317, $2
• Polaris 3084963 - $8.54
• K & N – 198 - $13.99

Oil filter cross reference for Wix 51356
<Click Here

Motor Oil - 20W - 40
• Rotella T6 5W-40, synthetic, $23.99/Advance
• Lucas Synthetic SAE 20W-50 - $
• Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50 synthetic, $9.49
• Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40 was previously known as Mobil 1 MX4T 10W-40 - $11.99
• Mobil1 5W40 Turbo Diesel Oil? Not enough information
• Amsoil 20W-50 synthetic, $10.90
• Castrol V-Twin Power RS Semi-Synthetic 20W-50 - (#8178) - $8.99
• Castrol ACT-EVO X-TRA 4T Semi-Synthetic (#558754) – 1 gal $23.99
• Rotella T5 semi-synthetic (silver jug-4qts) - $16
• Victory Semi-Synthetic 20W-40

Oil Drain Plug: M12 x 1.5mm
Oil Drain Plug Washers: 12mm ID x 19mm OD x 1.3mm thick - copper crush washers
p.s Same washer that is used on Toyota R22
NAPA - bag of 25 Price $6.00 Plug Crush Washer REFILL KIT - Dozen - Price $6.00 Pack Oil Drain Plug Washers - Item # DP-WASH - Price $ 4.25
Magnetic Drain Plugs for Indian/Victory Motorcycles - $34.95. (high power magnet)

Air Filter
POLARIS VICTORY - Part # 7080858 - $59.99
K&N - Part # PL-1500 - $52.95

*Stay away from the Purolator Pure One oil filter. It is a very good filter but it may be too restrictive for the Victory engine for oil flow. Vic runs at Higher Oil pressure than the puro was designed for.

X-Bike Side Cover Grommets: NAPA part# NW784633
Clutch Lever Pin: Yamaha P/N 3GM-26455-00. They fit the first generation Venture.
NGK spark plugs p/n 3481

Fork Seals

X-Bikes: Size is 43x55x9.5mm and are available through Witchdoctor's or by size from

Vegas style forks: Size: 43x55.15x9.5/10mm Witchdoctors. Also available at the ATVparts place listed above. Also;

Cam install Instructions for X-Bikes:


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They are all 28mm WIDE (1-1/8")
They are all 14mm PITCH
The difference will be # of teeth.

2006 and up steel frames are 147 teeth.
If the guys who have a 147 tooth belt use a 31 tooth front pulley (UD from Conquest Customs) then a Buell 1125R belt will work, part #G0500.1AMG (that's what I use).

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That also answers the question about the 147 tooth 38mm wide belt for the Slingshots.

I bet they could be cut down in a pinch but it would be far better to find the right one at a good source. I still find it interesting the Slingshot belt is so much cheaper... ($89).

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Thanks HC; that helps a LOT but are you talking just about the post 2002 bikes?
I believe I clearly stated 2006 and up steel frame bikes... Vegas... Kingpin... Judge... Gunner... Boardwalk... all the bikes derived from a Vegas platform. Also 2005 and up Hammer models.
I don't know (and nowadays don't care) about other models/platforms.

If you get one of these....
Underdrive Pully for 06 up Narrow Tire Bikes
Or this for a Hammer/Jackpot...

You can use this belt:


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My bad. That was a misprint. Just wanted to verify it was for 2006 and newer only. Not 2002. Apparently there was an exception with the 2005 Hammer. Interesting it didn't include the Jackpot.
The 2005 Hammer was the 1st 100 inch/six speed... Up to that point there was only the 92/5.

In 2006, all the Vegas chassis bikes got the 100/6 except the 8-Ball...

This is why it's 2006 and up 100/6 bikes... and the 2005 Hammer. This INCLUDES the Jackpot. Hammer and Jackpot use an offset pulley because of the 250mm rear tire.

Sorry, I tend to assume that people understand the progression of models...
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