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Just had a big 3day weekend indulging in some of my passions.
Sold the XS650 Special a few weeks back so figured Id lash out.
The Ford hada gear oil leak traced to a collapsing rear mainshaft bearing in the toploader 4-speed, that replaced I went to top up the 9inch LSD .. It took 2 quarts!!!
Closer inspection showed almost fully collapsed rh rear wheel bearing and a bent 28 spline axle, also the roll pins popping out of the 40yrs old LSD unit!!

Bit the bullet and opened the bike money tin
Got a new 31 spline TruTrak and 31 spline axles, carrier and wheel bearings and seals and fitted em all up in prep for a big weekend.
Namely our Muscle Car Clubs day at the drags where I ran about 7 or 8 passes with my bests being [email protected]
Its hard to launch a fairly heavy car with a 4-speed manual and 3.25 diff gears on street rubber.
Most passes were bogged a little with 2.0 sixty foot times....then trying harder I lit both rears till out past the 60 foot for a 2.3 and the resultant thump through the car as it hooked up!

Left the Willowbank strip to drive north to Watts Bridge airfield for the Red Thunder Airshow...driving by GPS on backroads with many twists and turns then just before Eska police car travelling the opposite direction lit up his disco lights and did a u-turn.
120kph in a 100 zone saw me get a ticket, a bit of a talk about the car and how one of his mates had just bought a HO.
Asked where I was off to, the airshow I said.
He said he was on duty out there on the Sunday.
We drove the rest of the way in failing light on kangaroo alert..the delay putting us into dusk ..I stopped for a roadside pee and to uncover the driving lights ( remember the days when they had to be covered, now everyone drives everywhere with then blazing!)
We arrived grabbed a feed from the food caravans then set up the $35 tent for my lady and her kids and I set up my swag.
Then much snoring farting and getting up to trip over tentropes was engaged in during the night...
Awaking to drink nettle tea cooked on a camp stove and eat scones.
Then it was drive the Falcon over to the car show adjacent to the airstrip.
Parked and walked around watching the airshow.
The highligh for me seeing and hearing a Spitfire and a P51 Mustang in the air along with their Russian adversaries.
Also the British Bristol and Red Barons Fokker Triplane engaged in a mock dogfight.
I was amazed at how slow they can fly without dropping out of the sky!
Radial piston engines as well as V12 Merlins were an aural delight as were a couple of military jets, an Albatross and I think an F4 Phantom.
Drive home had me dog tired and near Logan I got my lady to take over driving the GT which amazed her 15 yr old son and his 16 yr old girlfriend who were in the back.
Mums driving Chris's car!
When I woke we were back on the Gold Coast.
Now I gotta repair the lh exhaust which came adrift after the drags breaking the rear hanger ( probably the shockwave when the car hooked up)..then the floppy tailpipe mb made the hanger for the Series 40 Flowmaster break as well!
Thankfully I was able to scrounge a roll ofvtie wire and pliers and jack the car up to crawl under and securely wire everything back up....mustve done a good job cos it held all the way home.
Then on Monday night I rode the Vegas up to Brisbane to the Tivoli a theatre built in 1917 to see Jason Bonhams Led Zeppelin Experience!!!
Mindblowing weekend...


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