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Hi Gents,

I looked through the forums and all the usual suspects web sites and didn't find what I'm looking for.

I'm contemplating purchasing a 14 CC. It belongs to a friend so I know the history. He bought it new and has many upgrades, trunk, heated grips, cruise, Lloyds cams, timing wheel, air box, pipes. It is a very nice bike. The only thing I don't like is all the chrome. It's good looking, just not my thing.

I'm looking for a kit or all the parts to essentially black it out ala 8 ball. I'm not a gear head but I could go through piece by piece and price it out but was hoping there was a package offering somewhere.

Any ideas?

I'm debating the cost of doing this or buying a demo or used 8 ball model and the upgrading with the Lloyds performance. This thing is a rocketship and I gotta have that speed.


P.S. - If this is a go, look for a badass blacked out Hammer for sale soon!

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Some parts you'll be able to paint black, flat, satin or gloss to taste.
some you may powdercoat black,
some you could plasti-dip,
some you may use VHT Heatproof paint on.
some you may be able to exchange with other forum members who like a touch of chrome.
Or take the easy way out and trade it.
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