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Wanting to move the footpegs reward (closer) on my 06 Vegas. Initially i was just looking at the Victory or Witchdoctors relocation kit that moves them back 1.25" when searching on the Polaris website and came across this kit ("relocation+kit").

It shows "BLACK REARWARD CONTROL RELOCATION KIT - CHROME IMAGE SHOWN" (Item #: 2876489-266) however the description unfortunately doesn't match the displayed picture of the handlebar switch controls and no other pics are available. Obviously I'm not exactly sure what this kit includes (left, right footpeg, shift rod, etc). For the small difference in cost, I think replacing the actual footpeg supports with what i'm guessing are Vegas Low or 2010+ supports would be better.

Has anyone installed this kit before, do the black supports look alright with the aluminum shifter and brake module, are any parts needed not included in kit, have any pics or other information available? Thanks!


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