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Bolt size for Cam Cover

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So i searched the forum and it seems there are tons of pages about the different cam covers, but i am looking for the bolt size.
bought a closeout cover (was the same one that i had installed on my old XR - should have kept all the aftermarket bits DOH!), but no bolts included.
hoping someone remembers what the size is.

pic attached for clarity.
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I think a 6mm. Best bet, pull one and mosy over to home depot or your local harware store. They have a device to compare/measure up bolts.
thats just it, there is nothing to pull......there were no bolts included with the cover. i think when i replaced that piece of tin on my XR they included botls.
I could be wrong because it was eons ago, but I was pretty sure they did.
however, i actually found a couple of bolts that fit in my box of removed parts for my past victory's and while they were a little long, they fit like a glove. a little loctite and a bench grinder and the cover is now in its permanent home on the XC. lol
Found some posts that had the threading for that long time ago. Have to do some digging.
10/32 is what they claim on this thread.
Seems odd not being metric but it might work.

thanks Indy! i keep forgetting about checking the other forum. lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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