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2005 Kingpin
Brake Light stopped working

Brake light was giving a flicker then nothing when rear brake was applied, now that has even stopped, no light at all

Input and output of pressure switch is good - 12.12V

Voltage going into ACU (white/pink wire) pin 2 - 12.12 V
Voltage coming out of ACU 9.38V
Voltage at tail light at plug 9.38V
Tail light works but seems dim.

Front brake switched bypassed – custom controls installed since 2007 – no problems/short

ACU – signal lights bypassed in 2006, LED took out ACU. Got a signal regulator off of a 1985 Chevy ½ ton running the lights. No problems at all, but still should have no effect on the tail

Now what has me confused is voltage going to tail light is 9.38V when rear brake leaver is pushed it meters at 9.58V only a .20 volt increase, really does not seem right.

What the hell am I missing, or is it as simple as my tail light is done
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