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Not sure if anyone here is going to this event held at Bonneville salt flats starting 8/23
Thought I would post it incase someone here is interested.

Apparently BUB retired this year and is not running the event any longer. I'm not sure what changes that will bring.

The run what you brung event allows you to run on the salt and go as fast as you can with far less safety equipment, a much less stringent inspection and lower entry fee. Show up pay your fees, get your bike through inspection and run whatever bike you brought as fast as it will go.
They fit you in between the guys that are running for records.
You get 3 official timing slips to stick on your shop wall.

There is a safety inspection and you do need some equipment so check the rules.
They won't wave anything in the rules. If you haven't prepared your bike according to the rules it will not be allowed to run and you will be disappointed.

Though you get official timing slips , you are not eligible for any records etc.

Rooms are pretty reasonable in Wendover
From their site:
Run Watcha Brung

Entry fee from July 11th or at the event: $275

Entry fee includes a event participant T-shirt & goodie bag, 1 gate pass, two passes down the salt flats and your official timing slip. Gate discount coupons (max 3) for additional crew available upon request.

*Late entry after August 1st or on the salt does NOT include gate passes. Participant T-shirt and goodie bags available while stocks last

Here is a link to last years Run what you Brung rules:

If you are going be sure to get a copy of this years rules before you go. Wendover, the nearest town has almost nothing motorcycle related, there is a NAPA but that's about it. There are motels there and at least 2 good size casinos.

To my knowledge you are completely responsible to find a way to and from the salt. There were no buses, trucks etc. when we went 2 yrs ago. I was told that Las Vegas rental companies charge big bucks if they determine you have had their vehicles on the salt for any reason.
I don't know this we took our sidehack down.
If you are planning to bring your bike or any vehicle out onto the salt you will need a small garden sprayer and a bottle of Salt away:

Don't skip that step. The salt will not completely come off your vehicle/bike without it. The salt is almost unbelievably corrosive if not neutralized and removed.

It is a few miles from where the salt starts and the entry gate is to where the pits are. Too far to walk.

If you go to watch you will want a beach umbrella for shade, really good Sunblock,(the salt is white you will burn without it)
Nuclear sunset 2000 is about the right strength.
plenty of water, sunglasses and a small fm pocket radio so you can hear the announcer.

You can walk freely through the pit area and the racers are quiet friendly unless things are going really badly for them. The course is away from the pits and you are not allowed near it while they are running for safety reasons. So binoculars are good.
Pretty neat time. Not too expensive, and you could be the next Burt Monroe..
Warning, salt flats racing is highly addictive and you will see everything run from Vincent's to supercharged Indian scouts, to mopeds. E bikes too. You will have to work hard not to catch the bug.cheers
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