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One More Time….

A few months back RadioTeacher and a few of his friends from the San Antonio area met up with myself and a group from Houston to ride the Three Sisters. We talked of doing something again in the not too distant future so I thought I’d post up a get together for all those in central Texas. The destination will be Winchester Texas (centrally located between Houston, San Antonio, and Waco just Northwest of La Grange) for lunch at Murphy’s Steakhouse. Murphy’s is a little hole in the wall steakhouse in the middle of nowhere. A lunch including salad bar, soup, baked potato, steak, and a beer can be had for as little as $15 plus tip.
We can kick back there, or maybe ride over to La Grange Monument Hill State Park before heading back home. I’ve arbitrarily selected Saturday August 28th as the date. Hope to meet some new faces and get better acquainted with some older ones. Also, you don’t have to ride a Vision as all Victory riders are welcome!

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