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Don't say you can't go wrong buying a Goldwing! I bought a 2012 brand new off a show room floor. I had a problem with front end shake. Took it to the dealer and they said rear tire was low on air BS! They put more than the manual calls for and when I left the dealer it still shook between 35-45 mph. Took it to another dealer and they said nothing was wrong with it BS! Finale called Honda Corporation in California went round and round with them and they said take it to another dealer of choice. I got the same response from that dealer nothing was wrong! I read on the internet that guy's were changing out fork springs, using a little bit of heavier fork oil. and changed the triple tree bearing from a regular bearing to a tampered bearing and after spending roughly $2500. to $3000. the problem went away! To cut down on money for parts Honda swapped out the bearing from tapered to a regular bearing save money. I later found out from a Honda dealer that this was the issue with the Goldwing's. So, I traded my wing in for a 2013 Victory CCT sunset red and never looked back. If the bike didn't shake every thing was fine. Never say never! Good luck with your new Goldwing!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts